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Start 2022 with Promotional Reads!


Welcome to the new year and my little newsletter. This first release is comprised of four promotional links for free eBook copies of Fantasy and Horror reads brought to you via the good people at BookFunnel.

If you aren't familiar, BookFunnel is a useful tool to reward fans with free stories, advanced reader copies of upcoming releases, and group promotions.

Now, unless fans explicitly request weekly or monthly updates, I don't plan to have scheduled releases of this newsletter. I'm sure all but a scant few of you could do without hearing tales about the dynamic exploits of my two boys or the somewhat hilarious antics of our cats. With that in mind, I plan to send this out only when I have new content for you and/or deals on existing stories.

The content in question for this release is a free copy of my horror short, "Terminal Link", which can be found below in the What Hides in the Fog - Promo.


Randy Moore’s days in the Rolling Acres nursing home are filled with malaise and depression. A father and war veteran, Randy must come to grips with the harsh reality of his late-stage dementia, but he may find that some things are better left forgotten. A reminder of a past mistake ushers in a horror so terrifying Randy will wish his mind had decayed rather than face the consequences of his deeds.

Hope lies in redemption, but will Randy find it?


This story is a lamentation and written in a tone unlike my others, though I'm happy with how it turned out. Take a look and see if you like it.

Those of you who haven't read the first book in my urban fantasy series, The Valor of Valhalla: Beneath the Veil, can grab a free eBook copy of Part One by using some of the promotional links below. An editorial review by RC Gibson of IndiesToday can be found here.

Beneath the Veil is in the finals for the Best Fantasy and Book of the Year awards on that site and we will have the results in February. Keep your fingers crossed!

Some Housekeeping

  • The second book in The Valor of Valhalla series is still scheduled for a May 2022 release and I'll be doing my best to keep that deadline. The title has been finalized, so keep an eye out for news onThe Sands of Akhirah. More on that in the next addition.

  • I will be launching the AudioBook version of Beneath the Veil, narrated by Nathaniel Priestly, later in January or in early February and exclusively on Audbible (for now). Check out Nathaniel's Twitter and Website to hear some of his outstanding work. The guy is phenomenal.

  • I will be releasing a self-narrated version of "Terminal Link" and other stories on YouTube in the near future. Stay Tuned.

    • This idea was pushed by "My Pal Bob". I recently recorded an interview on The Bob's Mess Podcast and Bob and I have become friends, or at least I'd like to think so. He refused to let me waffle on this idea and I think my brand will be the better for it. Though I'm not quite the writer Stephen King is, yet, Bob assures me I don't share his voice quality either (sorry for the jab, Stephen, but I doubt you'll read this anyway). Look forward to the channel being up soon.

Click the image to follow the BookFunnel Link and gain access to the free eBooks





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