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Stories: The True and the Fictional

Podcast Recording Scheduled for June 3rd!

Jamie and Ryan are the hosts of this all things cool fantasy-leaning podcast and they've graciously accepted me to be a guest on the show. The interviews they do are lighthearted, fun, and focus on the self-proclaimed "nerdy" content we all know and love. Whether it's an engrossing conversation about D&D, or a discussion about 90's action flicks, these guys keep it lighthearted and entertaining throughout. I honestly can't wait to jump in and discuss the former and how some of my experiences have affected my writing--specifically in Beneath the Veil.

The fatherless trope, for example, is one close to my heart in many ways as I only truly connected with my father at the age of 24. Since, we've forged a great relationship and I long to visit my family down in Houston and Montgomery because they are purely wonderful people. David's own journey seems to tip in this direction as readers progress through Beneath the Veil and he carries with him an anger and resentment toward his father that promises to explode when the two finally meet. Hardly a parallel to my own history, but the similarities exist nonetheless. My own father took me to a karaoke bar when we first met and we swilled some drinks together as we caught up. Fast forward a few hours and we have a shirtless Marty brandishing a gnarled and jagged scar over his midsection that he earned by being shanked at the drive through of a Jack in the Box in Missouri or Texas. I remember commenting on how it takes talent to piss somebody off to the point he tries to cut you in half and my dad laughed it off. At some point the shirt did go back on, but we never did get into the karaoke. A regret I live with to this day.

Not all personal aspects are dark, though, and many bright spots in my life leak into my narratives. Striving to be with my wife, Kimberly, for one, traveling inward for enlightenment, for another, and many more I'm sure Jamie and Ryan will tease out of me along the way as we chat.

If you've been looking for something new and inspiring to listen to as you commute, do chores, or just rock listlessly on a hammock, don't miss Stories: The True and the Fictional


Update coming after episode is out


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