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Indies Today Review - "Beneath the Veil is brilliantly conceived and fiercely told"

I was ecstatic to read R.C. Gibson's five star review of Beneath the Veil not just because my first editorial review is a five star one, but because of the care taken in how the review is conveyed. It's a great book, or so I feel, but to see an industry professional's take is far more affirming than those of friends and family, or even paid editors. I hope the review entices you.

- MK

There’s something happening out there. It’s hard to explain, but you can feel it.” What is happening begins with a bridge collapsing into the murky depths of the Hudson. David Dolan is an easygoing guy known for his warmth, kindness, and wry sense of humor. He has no idea that the horrific destruction of a bridge filled with oblivious commuters was perpetrated specifically against him. When his unconscious body is found on the bank of the river, his longtime girlfriend and no-nonsense mother are immediately notified. An intense investigation surrounding the collapsed bridge leaves David as a person of interest. Rumors of strange things happening around the city become real life horrors, all while David’s physical body remains in a coma. Neither dead nor alive exactly, David embarks on a journey that will change everything. His eyes are opened to truths about himself and about realms unseen, revealing a plot and purpose larger than any mere mortal can bear.

Beneath the Veil is an entirely original novel that brings together elements of fantasy, mystery and dark horror. The premise is broadly about good versus evil, however very few characters fall wholly into either category. So often, writers exploit religion as an easy source of derision and mockery, but Kearns utilizes religions such as Christianity and Buddhism in a respectful manner. Furthermore, he adds in a generous measure of mythology and fable to create a sturdy urban fantasy filled with a likable cast that is punctuated by one particularly abysmal villain. Especially impressive is the skill Kearns displays in his rich and disturbing descriptions. It’s been a while since a book really scared me, but Beneath the Veil is legitimately frightening as graphic battles between unimaginable creatures are waged on earth and beyond. And the characters in David’s life are meticulously constructed, so much so that readers will be emotionally invested in even the tiny kernel of a relationship that is developing between an open-minded detective and David’s mother. A supernatural detective story with earth-shattering ramifications, Beneath the Veil is brilliantly conceived and fiercely told.

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