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The Post Human Podcast Interview With Tim Turner

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Had a great time discussing pop culture, horror, conspiracy theories, and the debut of Beneath the Veil with Tim. Give a listen to our conversation.

Episode Bio:

"Todays Guest ..Author of the upcoming trilogy The Valor of Valhalla promoting the first "Beneath the Veil" The powerful! Martin Kearns!! Side notes: a very fun episode we covered a fair amount in this episode for such a short space of time.. Aliens, conspiracies, podcasts, movies.. Animation.. Tech.. His book a lot of segways and tangents. Excuse the mild editing had some tech difficulties and audio which didn't seem as bad post show.. However a fun and one of many!! You can follow him at @martinkearns20 And pre order his book here from his site"

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